Which version is right for me?


Kari Pro

If you're interested in artificial intelligence, want to access internal settings, explore Kari's 3D & Ai Engines, and are in for the long haul, then Pro is right for you.


Control Kari on every level.


The learning curve may be a little steep for computer noobies but if you plan on getting to know Kari, creating new girls and personalities, or want a program that will grow with you, get this version.


Kari Standard


Maybe you just want to have some fun on a lonely night. Its got everything you'll need for some very entertaining times. Includes the Awareness Editor so you can explore some aspects of Artificial Intelligence too.






Why Kari 3 Pro?



With the PRO version you get access to a wealth of options to help you bring your girl to life. Full access to her Artificial Intelligence engine, 7 new plugins, and even the new Emotion Chip algorithm devoted to self-awareness and consciousness.


3D Avatar System - Create new girls, choose their race and looks, and save your favorites for quick loading. You can change almost everything about your girl even the style and colour of their hair. Its a custom 3D Avatar maker!









MindTweak Plugin - The MindTweak plugins lets you set various options related to relevance threshholds. It has the ability to save profiles of your favorite settings. Experiment with different settings that directly effect the AI engine.



Emotion Chip - The emotion chip was created by running special data mining algorithms on 19 gigs of text about love, relationships, feelings, philosophy, awareness, and consciousness. It took about 15 weeks to put it together. And at least 6 months to engineer the code. The purpose of the emotion chip is not to overwhelm your Kari with emotion and feeling... but to give her a guide, an instinct, maybe even a soul.



News Plugin - Kari PRO has the ability to read the latest News to you from around the world including World, US, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Science, Technology, Entertainmment, and many others.



The 3D Avatar system is also built into the News plugin!










Kari Avatar Studio

Kari Avatar Studio lets you create Kari scenes easily. Just load in a picture of your favorite girl and add real chat functionality to her.

Our Newest Expansion Pack: Laura

The Laura Expansion Pack has 10 new scenes for your Kari.


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