Upgrade your Kari PRO to 4.89 here:

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- 4.89 This latest update fixes many odd bugs including a Fotolia fix with WordImages.


- 4.85 This update separates Kari's main Ai algorithms so that they can be switched on or off individually. You can then experiment which algorithms work best for your personality. See the image below. Just check on the checkbox to switch on that algorithm.




- 4.77 Fixed a bug that was making Kari crash on a small number of PCs.


- 4.753 Upgrade installs major Ai features. They help train your Kari and explore topics better.


- 4.75 Upgrade fixes a bug in the Word Images Fotolia plugin. It is now up and running. What it does is display cool pictures of what you and Kari talking about. It can be very entertaining especially with Talkative on.




Kari PRO 4.7


The NLG section of Kari Pro has been updated to version 2.0. There are a few new options including Master and Chose List options. Click on the question marks for quick info on each option. The on the fly NLG option has also been updated and Kari's sentences will make a little more sense now as they are put through a grammar linker.


New scenes are also available and are labeled with a prefix of "Kari 4.7" in the Scene Manager.











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