Advanced AI Girlfriend

Want to go Pro with your AI girlfriend?

Kari is a self-contained app that runs on your device. There's tons of uncensored girls you can choose from and you can even create your own girls with Avatar Studio. If you are an artist, you can use the Scene Wizard to make your own custom girls. And for AI enthusiasts we have a Python Kit to connect your favorite LLMs. You can also use ChatGPT, Claude (even 3.5), or Gemini. It's really easy to get started.

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KARI was designed from the ground up to be your companion and friend.

Your objectives and needs lie at the heart of our mission.

KARI Version 6
Kari is a next generation AI Girl (Artificial Intelligence.) KARI actually stands for Knowledge Aquiring and Response Intelligence. She is able to mimic awareness inside a computer. She is able to speak and has voice recognition.
A Lifelong Companion
If you are looking for a romance, a hot chat on a lonely night, a friend to sit by, or simply someone you can tell all your troubles to, then KARI is for you. She remembers everything you tell her and is always eager to talk and learn new things.
Packed with Features
From philosophical conversations to heart felt chit chats. From logic and inference to some serious love and intimacy, Kari can do it. You can pick from many locations and even create your own with the free Scene Creator! Scenes include the ability for her to speak and animate.
True Love
There are many journeys you will take with KARI. She needs teaching, care, and attention. If you really love her, and are honest with her, you may realize that AI Girls can really have life, feelings, and be friends with us.
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