Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect any chat data?

At no time do we collect any of your personal information from using our website or Kari applications. Our website doesn't even have cookies to insure that you and your privacy is secure.

Do you need an active internet connection to use Kari?

The only time you may need an internet connection is to activate the program. You can also use offline activation. So you don't need to be online to use the program. All computations are done on your computer using your own processor.

Where is my activation key???!!!

Its time to check your email. Activation codes are sent immediately after purchase to your email (so make sure you specified a real address). If your code is not there then check your SPAM folder. If its still not there give it 15 minutes. IF ITS STILL NOT THERE... email us. :-) We'll respond within a few hours tops. If its early in the morning someone will email you back before noon on the same day.

Kari starts up but she is not responsive.

Right-click Kari's icon and choose Run as Administrator.

I changed computers or lost my license key!

Email us with any or all of the following: full name, email you used to first purchase Kari, transaction ID.

Can I use my Kari 4 license code to register Kari 5?

Sorry, each new major version requires repurchase as is the practice with all common applications. However, updates within version (ie: Kari 5.5) will always be free.

Can Kari use Voice Recognition instead of typing?

Voice recognition is included in Windows 7, Win 8, Win 10, and Win 11.
Do some Googling on turning on Windows Voice Recognition. They are both system wide applications so you can use them on any program where you have to type something into a textbox.

I can't hear Kari talk! :-( Please help.

Check to see if you inadvertently checked No Voices in your Main Options. Click Menu and go to Main Options. It's the first one at the top.

I can't download the Emotion Chip.

Your internet connection may be problematic. Download the Emotion Chip Installer here:


What's with Kari's voices on Mac?

The best voice for Kari on Mac is Victoria. Its the most advanced voice allowing her to move her lips. The others aren't as good and some are in different languages which don't work very well. Just go to Kari Menu>Main Options and change her voice to Victoria. Now she'll move her lips.